On the historic episcopate

I recently read something–doesn’t matter what; it wasn’t really worth a reference–suggesting that we Baptists cannot have an adequate view of tradition because we don’t believe in the historic episcopate, and nothing is more traditional than that. So, let me say it: I believe in the historic episcopate. It seems abundantly clear to me that the universal practice of the sub-apostolic church, and the practice which every patristic theology of ministry of which I am aware bears witness to, is that in each place there should be one bishop, celebrating one Eucharist, for one congregation. In conversation a few years back I discovered John Zizioulas had come to the same conclusion. This is the historic episcopate: bishop, people and...

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Withered stumps of time

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while… There were reasons for inactivity. In June a couple of major family events, one happy, one less so, contrived to make a thorough mess of my life, a mess which took several months to sort out. Then a new professional possibility arose, one which would, if I’d followed it up, have meant not blogging, at least not in this form. I decided not to go that way, but it did make me think quite hard about what I am doing and why, and whether giving time to a blog was an appropriate part of that. Anyway, I’m back, with a more intentional idea of what I want this space to be (pretty much what it was, only now by choice rather than by chance). This will continue to be a place for ideas I find interesting enough to...

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