‘Unreal city’

This blog went live on the 16th of December, receiving four views, according to the WordPress stats counter. Today, that counter topped 5000. I imagine long-term theobloggers like Andy, Jason and particularly Ben will regard that as pretty paltry, and I am sure that WordPress set it up to maximise the numbers (their business depends on encouraging their bloggers, after all), but it seems a big enough number to make the blog feel worthwhile.

Thanks to all who have stopped by or blogged about this blog, and particularly to all who have engaged in debate. Although (looking at the stats) if you were one or more of the 97 visits on Christmas day, you probably should have had something better to do…

(Incidentally, if anyone is wondering, all the ‘admin’ posts have titles taken, like the blog title, from Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’, and hopefully not totally unrelated to the topic of the post. For this one, the choice was between ‘unreal city’, ‘I had not thought death had undone so many’ and ‘hypocrite lecteurs’…)

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