John Webster appointed to chair in St Andrews

The School of Divinity in St Andrews has just announced that John Webster, presently Professor of Systematic Theology in the University of Aberdeen, will be joining our faculty this summer.
In my estimation, John is one of the most able and interesting theologians working in the world today; he has also been a good friend and mentor to me down the years. I am utterly delighted that he is joining us.
The full press release is here


  1. David Reimer
    Apr 29, 2013

    Goodness gracious! Didn’t see that coming, but I’m like that. 😉 Great appointment for St A’s!

    Have a great day tomorrow, btw. I’m in an “exam board convenor’s briefing session” that the boffins in their wisdom have scheduled to last 5.5 [sic] hrs. Schade.

  2. Kevin Davis
    Apr 29, 2013

    Wow, that’s big news. So, is Alan Torrance staying at St. Andrews? Along with Stephen Holmes, that makes for a very impressive systematics program. As an Aberdeen alum, I am especially curious to see who replaces Webster. Are you privy to why Webster decided to move?

  3. Lawrence Osborn
    Apr 29, 2013


    That’s not just your estimation. Just after John moved to Toronto, Rowan Williams described him as the finest Anglican theologian of his generation.

  4. Andrew Esqueda
    Apr 29, 2013

    What great news! Webster is one of my favorite theologians and a very provocative thinker

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