‘Vanity requires no response’

Just after midnight (GMT) last night, it seems, the view counter on this blog ticked from five figures to six. I have no idea, and not much interest, how 100 000 views compares to the average for a blog, or for a theoblog, or whatever. It suggests that there are a certain number of folk who find the stuff I post here from time to time interesting enough to come back, however, and for that I am grateful.

(I noticed too a couple of weeks back the number of comments hit 1000, although over a quarter are mine; I am particularly grateful for friends who help me to refine and test ideas through that mechanism and others.)

I’ve been blogging a little over four years, with two lengthy layoffs. Over the time, I’ve reflected more than once on what blogging is for, and gradually come to change my mind. Originally, I had this as a place to record undeveloped ideas that might in future go somewhere; I still do a bit of that, but more it is a platform, a place to offer ideas that might be of use or interest to the churches. I get to ‘publish’ (i.e., make public) ideas in a variety of ways, spoken, recorded, and written; whilst inevitably there is a coherence and even a certain amount of borrowing and development, I more and more think that anything, on any platform, should be considered as finished output, with the different audiences, the different styles, and the different lead-times, each platform offers an opportunity to find the right place for each thought to be placed.

Anyway, thank you to all who have shared this particular journey so far with me. The title is another quotation from the Waste Land, from Tiresias’s cynical narration of her lover’s sexual conquest of the typist; in the context of my blogging, I suspect it is not true: had these words apparently disappeared into the ether, I suspect I would not have continued for four months. So in a sense this is your output as much as mine, and I am grateful.

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