Theological April Foolery

Aside from my own offering, there have been a number of very entertaining April 1st theoblogs today. I’m sure I’ve missed several, and would be glad to hear of them in the comments. I was not the only one to find discussions about gender in American evangelicalism to be just too inviting a target to be resisted. John Stackhouse’s revelation of the grand plot was not likely to take anyone in, but is beautifully done – Bell & Driscoll in matching T-shirts the crowning touch. Rachel Held Evans offered eleven spoofs for the price of one in a pastiche version of her regular ‘Sunday Superlatives’ feature; not all were on gender debates, but the condemnation of pastel ties as unduly effeminate stood out for me… International...

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Hyper-masculinity and the development of a queer consciousness: the surprising contribution of conservative evangelicalism

There is an interesting article under this title in the online American Journal of Explorations in Culture and Sexuality (AJECS). It argues, in effect, that preachers such as Pastor Mark Driscoll are – unintentionally, of course – promoting the development of a post-heterosexual culture in the USA. The essay suggests first that the emergence of a mainstream LGBT, or ‘queer,’ culture in American society has repeatedly drawn on gay men’s adoptions of  intentional parodies of a tradition of American cultural masculinities. The author argues that these parodies contribute to the subversion of traditional narratives of masculinity by rendering them ridiculous, and so promote the creation of a queer consciousness. In support of this...

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