Two poems for Pentecost

Steve Turner, ‘Spiritus’ I used to think of you as a symphony neatly structured full of no surprises. Now I see you as a saxophone solo blowing wildly into the night, a tongue of fire, flicking in unrepeated patterns. Adrian Mitchell, ‘Goodbye’ He breathed in air, he breathed out light. Charlie Parker was my delight. …not, of course, a classically English confusion of aesthetic and theological judgements – I might be tempted to imagine some level of inspiration on that level for Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, but not for anything by Bird Parker. Rather, following the methodology of my former colleague Jeremy Begbie, an attempt to narrate Pentecostal experience of God’s Spirit in musical grammar: it is, I believe, far...

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The BUGB affirmation of the ministry of women 1: legality

[Lengthy apologia – skip past the italics for the meat if you like… This post is something of a departure from a self-imposed blogging rule. Lots of denominations, and lots of groups within denominations, issue statements, enter discussions, make pronouncements. I read a lot of them, and think about many of them. From time to time I have begun to write blog posts about some of them. Always, I revise my plans in one of two directions. Mostly, I simply don’t write the post. Sometimes, I abstract into generic ideas and post about the ideas. Discussions in denominations other than my own are, in an important sense, none of my business – I don’t know the contexts and the conversations, and so anything I might say will inevitably be...

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