‘Happy’ Reformation Day?

I have been (electronically) wished ‘Happy Reformation Day’ a remarkable number of times this morning. Each time, it has jarred slightly.

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On negotiating Halloween

Yes, actually I have noticed that global injustice is a bigger issue than Halloween. The question, though, is not that simple.

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On the verification of a proof of ‘God’s existence’

Der Spiegel online offered an eye-cathcing headline last week: ‘Computer Scientists “Prove”  God Exists’ (article here). The article referred to a pre-publication report of a paper submitted to arxiv.org last month, entitled ‘Formalization, Mechanization and Automation of Gödel’s Proof of God’s Existence’ (here). Essentially, the paper claims – it is more of an abstract and statement of results – that (a form of) Kurt Gödel’s modal ontological argument had been successfully coded, and that its validity had been demonstrated using – the detail I rather liked – programs running on a MacBook. As my colleague Alan Torrance pointed out on FB, this is not surprising; there has been a fairly...

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