Queer Hippo: musings on human sexuality

[This is a 'Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis' post: the ideas have been in my head for several years, and I've been wondering what, if anything, to do with them. Then I thought of the title, and just had to publish somewhere. There's a book here - I'd be interested to know if readers of the blog think I should write it.] The debate on human sexuality as it is being conducted in every Western denomination of which I am aware is being conducted badly. An assumption is shared by both sides of the argument, an assumption which would be denied, on the one hand, by contemporary queer theory, and on the other by the ethical reflections of the greatest bishop of Hippo, St Augustine. This post is about the things that queer theory and Christian ethics in the tradition of St...

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‘Save me from the nothing I’ve become…’

Evanescence are, without doubt, a great band. And ‘Bring me to life’ might be the best thing they have yet released. The song expresses a profound sense of personal worthlessness, and a plea – there is no indication of who is being pleaded with – that someone beyond the singer would create meaning and so worth for her existence. The track begins with an expression (rendered with acoustic piano, in contrast to the heavy electric beats of the majority of the track) of loss of self and need for redemption: ‘…without a soul, my spirit sleeping somewhere cold, until you find it there…’ The chorus expresses directly the plea for salvation: ‘[w]ake me up, wake me up inside … before I come undone, save me from...

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