‘Why do you call me good?’ On trying and (largely) failing to be a male feminist online

Jesus said, ‘Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.’ (Mk 10:18) Some weeks ago, I had the strangest experience I have yet had online. Someone I do not know called me ‘good’. It stunned me. Horrified me. And flattered me, of course. I have been trying to process this ever since. I have not yet succeeded. But I promised a friend that I would try to blog on the subject this week because it seems to matter. And maybe my half-formed thoughts can be of some little use. * * * I was reading a blog; I vaguely knew of the author, but did not know her. She was writing about being a woman online, and about men online. She made many criticisms about how men online behave towards/around women online, qualified with ‘of course there...

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