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Occasionally people ask me if they can send me a book for review. Whilst I am each time encouraged to discover that someone thinks this blog has any influence, the answer, I am afraid, is always no.

I review books for journals occasionally, but I try to keep this site as a place for my own thoughts and reflections. I sometimes write posts that interact extensively with a single book, but – in every case – I have bought the book myself, More importantly, I do not think of these posts as reviews. The task of a reviewer is to expound and evaluate the thought of the author(s) as faithfully as possible; that is not what I am trying to do in writing about books here.

Rather, if I address a book, it is because I have a train of thought, a new argument or reflection, that I am developing in dialogue with the book, and want to explore that in public. I pick out those themes and ideas in the book that interest me, and interact with them. As a result, I do not even try to give a full or balanced account of the book, as a reviewer must. So, no book reviews here. Sorry.

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