Of Baptists, General and Particular

A question occurred to me this week; Baptist historians are very accustomed to speaking of the ‘General Baptists’ and the ‘Particular Baptists’ to denote the Calvinistic and Arminian streams of the movement in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; but when did those terms become current? Thanks to the wonders of EEBO (Early English Books Online; an utterly magnificent research tool), I can say with confidence that the answer is ‘surprisingly early’. Thomas Crosby’s 1738 History of the English Baptists was my first try: vol. I, p. 173, says this: It may be proper to observe here, that there have been two parties of the English Baptists in England ever since the beginning of the reformation; those that have followed...

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Job opportunities in Durham, UK

I’ve been asked to advertise the following posts, and am very happy to do so. CODEC is made up of great people doing great work. CODEC are pleased to invite applications for three new posts within this exciting and pioneering Research Project based at St John’s College in the University of Durham. CODEC are looking for: Curator for the Digital Discipleship Project (full-time, Grade 6) Research Fellow in Digital Resources (full-time, Grade 6) Research Fellow in Biblical Literacy (full-time, Grade 6) Curator:  http://www.dur.ac.uk/resources/codec/JDPSCurator.pdf CODEC is looking for a key creative person with a background in theology to develop and curate a major digital platform exploring discipleship in the 21st century, as well as to engage in research...

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