iPray: reviewing prayer apps for iOS

For anyone who ever travels, though, a daily office is a really natural thing to look for on your smartphone; I’ve tried quite a number of prayer apps – I think all the ones currently available for iOS, at least – and have come to some views on what’s good, what’s bad, and what someone really ought to do better soon. Here are some app reviews…

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‘Has the world gone mad, or is it me?’ Reflections on still believing in conversion

I was talking to a group of friends recently about a project I hope you will hear a lot more of soon. One, who is a very successful evangelist, said in passing, ‘I met with another evangelist recently, and he started the conversation asking me if I still believed in conversion, because too many don’t!’

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Church responses to equal marriage legislation

I see no less than seven different positions concerning the introduction of SS/E marriage that were/are on the table from the churches in the UK. My point here is not to defend or to demolish any of the arguments, just to make clear that different positions were/are in play, and that they led/lead to different attitudes to the bills.

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